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PROJEK LEBUHRAYA PANTAI TIMUR (LPT2) traverses from Jabor Intercahnge to Gemuruh Interchange. Package 6 LPT2 is one of the overall 12 packages. This package stretches from Kg. Chabang to Bukit Mempusi in Kemaman, Terengganu Darul Iman.

Pembinaan LPT Fasa 2, Pakej 6 bermula dari CH 67,000 (Kg.Chabang) ke CH 71,300 (Bukit Mempusi) Daerah Kemaman, Terengganu Darul Iman.


Pejabat Penyelaras :
Pasukan Projek Lebuhraya Pantai Timur Fasa 2,
Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia
Jalan Kemajuan, Bukit Kecil
Peti Surat No.52
20100 Kuala Terengganu.

No.9, Jalan SS 15/4C
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

KM 4.5 Jln Kg Chabang,
Kerteh, 24300 Kemaman,

Harga Kontrak : RM 85,591,161.00
Tempoh : 130 Minggu
Tarikh Milik Tapak : 1 Jun 2007
Tarikh Siap : 26 Nov 2009

Panjang Lebuhraya : 7.2km
-Mainline : 4.3km
-Spur Road : 2.9km
Bilangan Jambatan : 4 Nos
Bilangan Elevated : 1 No
Bilangan Interchange : 1 No

Thursday, February 14, 2008


1.0 Introduction
Environmental Protection Works for the Package 6 of the LPT2 project involve the incorporation of important environmental protection and monitoring elements into the overall developmental aspect. The implementation of these elements will help to reduce environmental impacts such as sedimentation problem, soil erosion, water contamination and air pollution. These elements which are mainly the silt fence, silt traps, skid tank, water browser truck, wash trough and water sampling.

2.0 Elements of the Environmental Protection Works
The five (5) elements incorporated in the Environmental Protection Works are as follows:

i. Silt fence
- A total length of 8,606 m of silt fence is provided in the construction drawing to prevent

sediment washout to the neighboring land and rivers.
- Additional length of 1,000 m will be used as replacement for damaged geotextile.

ii. Silt trap
- Silt trap is an important element to prevent sediment and silt washout from the exposed areas

within the Project site to rivers and streams.
- Surface runoff during earthworks and construction phases will be diverted to silt traps by

earth drains prior to discharge to streams.
- A total of 25 silt traps are provided to prevent sediment washout by the surface runoff to the

existing rivers and streams.

- The maintenance of silt trap which include desilting should be carried out regularly for a

certain period of time and circumstances as per specification and as per SO instruction.

iii. Skid Tank
- Proper storage of diesel for consumption on-site should be as per the ‘Guidelines of Storage of

Scheduled Waste by DOE’ with provisions of elevated bunded skid tanks. This is important to

prevent unwanted spillage.
- The skid tank at the Project site will be located at Plaza Toll Area (i.e., CH 0 + 650)

iv. Water Browser Truck
- Two (2) units of water browser trucks are provided at the Project site to prevent dust

dispersion during the earthworks and construction phase.

v. Wash Trough
- Three (3) wash troughs are provided at the Project site to clean tyres of the trucks and

vehicles prior to enter public roads.

3.0 Water Quality Monitoring

The alignment of Package 6 will cut across two main rivers, namely Sg. Air Hitam (at mainline) and Sg. Chabang (at spur road). These rivers will be monitored to observe the water quality during earthworks and construction phases. Two sampling points for each river which covers the upstream and downstream will be sampled for analysis.

4.0 Air and Noise Monitoring

i. Air Quality
- Ambient air quality monitoring carried out to monitor for Total Suspended Particulates (TSP)
using a High Volume Air Sampler.
- The following meteorological parameters will be recorded during the sampling period to allow
interpretation of the data:
a) Wind speed and directions
b) Determination of weather conditions (cloudy, rainy, etc)
ii. Noise
- Ambient noise level (8 hour average) carried out by Environmental Health and Safety Alliance
Sdn Bhd at sensitive location i.e. residential area (Kg Chabang).